the complete tool for curating, managing and marketing art exhibitions online

Exhibbit Introduction and Tutorial PDF

Exhibbit is a web-based online art gallery system.

Exhibbit lets you present your exhibition in a gallery environment, to scale and with all the features offered by a physical gallery. It is especially designed for high resolution close ups and overviews of works, as well as the comparison of works and all information about them.

The immersive experience turns viewers into visitors.

We offer artists, gallery owners, art collectors and art dealers the unique opportunity to create their online exhibitions along with the option to integrate these virtual exhibitions into their own website.
Easy to use, this tool allows for any number of galleries under a single account, each containing multiple exhibitions.

Promotion of the exhibition through email and social networks (eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) is part of the system, allowing you to send images, messages and links to the exhibition.
Your exhibition can be as public or private as you like.

Galleries are on monthly subscription and can be either independent or integrated with Word Press, Tumblr, Weebly and Wix sites, or integrated with your website.

From $10USD per month, you can manage your own online gallery.
From $25USD you can manage and integrate it into your own website.

Virtual exhibitions can also be used to:

Download the Exhibbit Tutorial here