the complete tool for curating, managing and marketing art exhibitions online


Our Mission:

To release the arts industry from the limitations of the physical space, enabling curation of collections in true-to-scale gallery environments that take visitors on an immersive and experiential journey. We are quietly revolutionising the way in which art can be exhibited and experienced by transforming the web viewer, into a VISITOR.


Global communities like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin provide users of 'exhibbit'' with amazing scope to launch their art in the best way possible online and to a world wide audience.

Back in 2004, Peter Worrall and Amanda Lane, founding members of exhibbit, recognised the accepted 2D online photo gallery ignored the time and money invested by individual art galleries in the creation of unique spaces to display their art works.

Exhibbit identified an appetite for a richer, more realistic experience that accurately represents art in a precise manifestation of the art gallery’s own physical space, faithfully reflecting the business’s personality and character.

The exhibbit team has spent the past five years conceptualising, developing and refining their online 3D gallery software.

The result is a sophisticated digital space with comprehensive tools enabling the curation, management and marketing of exhibitions in a virtual gallery environment that is an elegant, accessible, easy to use and affordable art marketing solution with a worldwide reach.

With decades of experience in fine art, design, 3D modelling and animation the exhibbit team are well placed to meet any challenge you might put to them.

Exhibbit’s team of passionate and committed experts are continually innovating and developing the software with the aim of providing an immersive viewing experience for you and your clients..

Amanda has a background in fine arts, animation, set and graphic design. She has worked as a scenic artist and set designer and art director for the Mercury Theatre, TVNZ and in the feature film industry.

In the late 80s she co-founded the computer animation company 3d Ltd where she managed, designed and directed hundreds of animated TV IDs, commercials and animated children’s series.

Amanda is a founding member of exhibbit, has designed many of its features, and is responsible for much of its work flow and visual look.

Peter trained as a prototype engineer and model maker. Since then, he has worked as a fine artist, a recording artist, a band and nightclub manager, and as a model maker and conceptual scenic and storyboard artist in the film industry.

In 1987 Peter founded 3d Ltd to provide 3D animation for the television and movie industries.

The company designed, directed and produced hundreds of animations for advertising agencies, TV and corporate clients as well as creating software for specific events such as the Commonwealth Games.

Peter is the creator of the exhibbit concept and since 2004 has been applying his skills as concept developer, designer, animator and 3d modeller, and he creates the virtual environments for exhibbit.