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Leverage the curation of your physical exhibitions

Curating an exhibition takes skill, time and effort so it make sense to expand the reach of your exhibitions experience, and plug it into your wbsite

Lelass gallery
Courtesy of Lelass gallery NY.

Re-curate your physical shows online

Use a virtual gallery to present shows online in sync with your physical gallery’s exhibition schedule.

Your virtual gallery is a great deal quicker to curate than a bricks-and-mortar space. As you are already prepared with your images and have all the information ready, a show can be published to the web in just a few hours.

It enables patrons who couldn’t get to the show, to visit and experience it online.
Those who did attend can revisit and take another look at those works that peaked their interest, as well as sharing the experience with partners and friends.

Sophisticated Curation

Exhibbit has four levels for placing the various content on the walls of the gallery, allowing you to combine text panels and graphic elements along with the artworks, video and audio.

The ability to edit levels separately give curators the flexibility to try multiple artwork arrangements, graphic and text overlays.
Artworks defaults to level 4 as they are generally placed above any text or graphic elements. Text and Graphic elements are usually placed on levels 1, 2 or 3.

Images containing transperancy can be uploaded as an arwork or as a graphic. Artwork information is displayed on the wall beside them.

Curate Multi-Sensory shows

Stream Moving Image artworks as well video’s by the exhibition curator, gallerist or artist.

Stream music or a sound track to play on entry as well as attaching audio to artworks. These can be started by the visitor, or trigger by their proximity to an artwork.

Proximity is a powerful tool which allows the distance to be set within which the audio or video will begin to play.
This allows the creation of an exhibition that engages and informs without being overwhelming as audio or videos will pause or stop when the visitor is outside of the proximity arc.

Simple Drag & Drop

Curation is as simple as dragging the artwork, graphic, text block or video onto a wall.

Select ‘Pin to Eyeline’ to automatically position works when dragged on to a wall or switch on Grid to accurately and quickly position artworks and create salon hangs as well as other grids formats, with ease.

You can access and hang individual walls by scrolling through the carousel then dragging the works from the Content Palkette onto the large version of the selected wall.

Choose a different colour for each wall to accent or break up the show.

It is quite like photoshop for your 3D gallery .

Preview in 3D

Once an artwork has been dragged on to a wall you are able to use Preview to see it on the 3D gallery.

Publish page

Flexible Publishing

With Exhibbit you can plan ahead. You can curate multiple exhibitions and even publish them with future dates to automatically launch over each other on the due date every month.
If the gallery is embedded in your website it will update automatically every time a new exhibition is published.


Once and exhibition is published it can be promoted using social media or email and via the gallery your embedded website

Visitor Experience

Heather James gallery

Immersive Experience

There is nothing quite as immersive and engaging as the exhibition format which is why it is the premiere way to present a body of art.

Exhibbit enables you to display multi-sensory exhibitions in multiple mediums which when combined have an viceral effect on the visitor.

Smooth Navigation

Exhibbit places huge importance on creating smooth flowing navigation that allows the close inspection of works without jerky intteruptions.

Described as underwater ballet, Exhibbit’s navigation enables the visitor to glide very slowly as well as moderately fast.

Getting up close to work and you’re able to move across a piece sidways as well as up and down.

Inquires and Purchases

The built-in inquiry form that comes directly to your email makes it simple for a potential buyer to get in touch and request more information.

Links from each artwork will take buyers to your E-commerce pages for each artwork.


Text size 16 or 11

The Key Values of exhibiting online

  • Share the emotional experience of being surrounded by your exhibitions,..online

  • Easily re-curate your physical exhibitions online, to leverage the skill, time and effort put into curating them

  • Engage your international and crowd-averse clients with a dynamic and engaging experience

  • Visitors can inquire or buy right in the gallery with links to your e-commerce pages

  • Embed a sophisticated presentation environment in your website that you can customise for each exhibition by recolouring walls, adding graphics and text

  • Publish up to five con-current exhibitions all viewable through the one embedded gallery

Exhibbit enables the abilty to investigate and experiment enabling curators to conceptualise, design and finely tune the presentation of their exhibitions