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How it Works

Give visitors the ultimate online encounter with your exhibition

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Curate and publish beautifully rendered galleries with artwork displayed in high resolution on all desktop and mobile devices.

Pick a gallery

Choose and Customise your Gallery

Choose from five different sized pre-made galleries which have been carefully designed to match the size and scale of real world spaces.

Each gallery has it’s own unique ambience and shape.

You can customise these spaces by naming your galleries, adding your own branding and painting any surface to create your own colour schemes.

Or you can contact us to create a custom gallery that replicates your bricks-and-mortar space in the virtual world.

Interactive wall buttons showing inquire, link to, buy and share
Interactive wall buttons showing inquire, link to, buy and share

Upload and Manage Artwork

Upload and display artworks at their actual sizes. You can select the depth and shape of your canvas as well as add mattes and frames, or colour to the sides of your canvas.

All uploaded artworks are stored in your virtual gallery stockroom. Bulk uploading can be done using a CSV file to import multiple images, along with pricing and details.

Choose which buttons you want to appear beside the artworks. Choices include buy, inquire, share, link to a video or webpage, vote or like.

Exhibition in the Solo Gallery by Cameron Art Museum
Exhibition in the Solo Gallery by Cameron Art Museum

Hang Artwork

Add information about your artwork and position it on the gallery walls.

We understand that curators need to easily manage the position and presentation of artworks and we have provided tools to assist with this.

Use the ‘eyeline’ feature to automatically position artwork at a persons average height.

When you want to group artworks the ‘grid’ means you can accurately place them just where you want.

There are options for showing information next to individual artworks and you can also choose just one set of information to represent the group.

Heather James Fine Art custom made virtual 3D Gallery
Heather James Fine Art custom made virtual 3D Gallery

Preview and Publish

Edit, preview and instantly publish your exhibition to desktop and mobile devices.

Preview your curation instantly in the 3D gallery environment at high quality.

Making adjustments to position and adding information to artworks is quick and simple. You can present your artwork just how you would like to, by choosing which interactive buttons to show on the wall.

With a monthly recurring subscription you can extend your exhibition viewing by choosing a new duration period from your gallery account at any time.

Exhibbit is an outstanding, easy to use tool for the artist who wants to offer his or her collectors a professional, online experience that is far and above the typical simple, two-dimensional images on most web sites.

Gregory Packard - Artist

Föenander Gallery Auckland New Zealand
Föenander Gallery Auckland New Zealand

Display - Embed or Pop-up

Engage your online viewers by inviting them to current exhibitions showing in your virtual gallery embedded in your website.

Choose between a Responsive, or a fixed size for displaying your published exhibition. Responsive will fill the browser page and a fixed size is useful for some template websites.

We provide you with two links, which are.
Copy and paste this code to embed the exhibition directly into a page on your website.
This link is for posting on social media or sending invitations by email.
And if you don’t have a website, the first link will Pop-up and open its own webpage.

Interactive wall buttons showing inquire, link, share and like


Once you have published an exhibition it can be Promoted using the built in Promote tool.

Here you can select a view of your exhibition in the gallery and send or post a message along with the gallery’s link, for sharing on social media and up to 100 recipients via email.

Switch on the interactive wall buttons to help promote and engage.

By displaying the share wall button, visitors are able to share the exhibition and an image of their favourite artwork in the show, along with a message and a link to the exhibition.

Enable the ‘like’ or ‘vote’ buttons to promote engagement and receive feedback from viewers who visit your exhibition.

Visitors also have the option to make an enquiry, link to another webpage or buy the artwork by linking to your ecommerce, all from the wall buttons.
Each artwork’s information and links are also viewable from a drop down panel.

We represent almost 50 artists and wanted to do something that would feel somewhat tangible and the response has been good so far. We’ve had almost 300 visits to the exhibition in the first 18 hours.

Jordan Roth

Exhibbit analytics chart


Keep track of your visitors.

Each exhibition has analytics, so you are able to review the number of visits, where they came from and when.

If you have Like or Vote selected these results will also be displayed.

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