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Multi Media Exhibitions

Peter Worrall CEO Exhibbit
Multiple videos, gallery wide audio, text and wall graphics integrated into your exhibition

To further support your creation of unique exhibition designs we have integrated video and audio into the gallery and provided a selection of fonts for wall text presentations. In addition, graphic design elements can be applied to the walls at any size.

Video as an artwork
Projected directly onto the gallery walls at any size, a moving image artwork makes compelling viewing for visitors. Videos can also be displayed on a canvas and have the option to add frames and mattes.

Video to support the exhibition
As a curators talk, studio visit or documentary, a video positioned next to your text abstract informs visitors as well as being inclusive for people with limited sight.

In the example below, Elaine Jeffrey placed a video documenting her creative practice next to her artworks. QR codes are placed underneath the artworks for visitors to read individual stories.

Elaine Jeffrey put a video documenting her creative methods on the gallery walls next to her artworks. She added QR codes underneath the artworks for people to learn more

Video of Sculptures
A 360 rotate around a piece will help to convey the feel of the sculpture being present in the room with you. As videos can be set to any size it may be possible to match the actual size of the work.

Audio in the Gallery
This can be added as an ambient sound or music track that plays on entry and can be looped.
(Audio content can be streamed from Soundcloud, Youtube and Vimeo. It must be either royalty free, licensed, or you have ownership and or play rights.)

Audio attached to individual Artworks
Attaching an audio track to an artwork gives you the ability to add an artist or curators dialogue regarding the work, a sound effect or musical piece to accompany the artwork.

Audio can be triggered in three different ways:
On entry to the exhibition, by proximity or selected by the viewer.
Using proximity, audio can be heard within a set distance (radius) from an artwork. As a visitor approaches an artwork the attached audio sequence plays, and as they walk away the audio fades.

In the exhibition below ‘Reflejo de mi Ser’, Marcelo Pedrozo has added a video documenting his art creation. When visitors enter the gallery, the video is set to begin playing automatically, providing a musical soundtrack that supports the exhibition and can be heard throughout the gallery. For his abstract Marcelo applied text to the gallery wall and added his signature as a graphic with a transparent background.

Marcelo Pedrozo has added a video showing his art creation - Reflejo de mi Ser. He has added text to the gallery wall and added his signature as a graphic

For adding fonts and graphic design elements, check out ‘Adding Graphics and Text’ to your exhibitions.