Emerich Meerson - France

My EXHIBBIT virtual exhibition has done me a great service by making it possible to present my works in their overall "history".

I integrated it into my personal website. I must also thank the collaboration of Exhibbit owners always present to help in case of any problem.


Close up view of artwork

Mon exposition virtuelle EXHIBBIT m’a rendu un grand service en permettant de présenter mes œuvres dans leur « histoite » d’ensemble.

Je l’ai intégrée dans mon site personnel. Je dois également remercier la collaboration des propriétaires d’Exhibbit toujours présents pour aider en cas du moindre problème.

 Clarion University, USA

On behalf of Clarion University of Pennsylvania's Art Dept. I would like to thank your company for making it possible for our graduating BFA art majors to have virtual solo exhibits, and our yearly BFA Senior Juried Art Exhibit.  All of our students and friends are very impressed with the sophisticated quality of Exhibbit.  I also loved how simple it was to work with the program


Andrew Marks - ROCKET TRUST

The organisation I work for was looking to host an online exhibition of over 150 artworks during the coronavirus pandemic and we came across Exhibbit. Rocktrust As we had many artworks to exhibit, these had to be split between two galleries with one gallery slightly amended to accommodate all of the artworks. This was not issue for Exhibbit and the final exhibition looked fantastic, and all for an incredibly reasonable price! I am delighted with Exhibbit and I would recommend it to any individual or group looking for a professional and accessible online exhibition space.

Andy Marks.

Gregory Packard - Artist USA

Exhibbit is an outstanding, easy to use tool for the artist who wants to offer his or her collectors a professional, online experience that is far and above the typical simple, two-dimensional images on most web sites.

With this tool you can create your own virtual, 3-d shows where you are in charge of hanging the paintings and where your collectors have the control to virtually walk around the show at their leisure.

Framed artwork in a gallery

As on-line art sales gather momentum in the modern world, this tool is a broad step in the direction of having your own gallery without the costs or time commitment of a brick and mortar building—and you can distribute it to your collectors 24 hours per day, any day of the year.
It’s hard to go wrong with Exhibbit.

Lissa Cordova - Novus  Artem  gallery - USA

"My experience with Exhibbit has been excellent.

Their virtual galleries are user friendly and the customer service is superb. My emails are always responded to in a timely manner and with the right solutions. I'm very pleased with Exhibbit and I highly recommend them".

Lena Spania - visitor Greece

I have  loved your idea to create exhibit as a "real" gallery . It is so refreshing to watch art pieces and capture their real size, as well as to see them in a context chosen by their creator. .You give us an e-experience that is as close as possible to actually visit an art gallery! Moreover most artists who show their work in your "galleries" have very interesting pieces. I really appreciate your work with exhibit!

This kind of art presentation has been  something totally missing from e pages about art. I believe that if something is missed it also takes away a big part of the pleasure to create and enjoy art. Thanks to your Exhibbit, the loss is less.

St. Pauls Collegiate New Zealand

St. Paul's Collegiate are using their gallery to mount exhibitions of students work.
This is giving the students first hand experience of exhibiting in a VR gallery environment along with the thought and skill that goes into creating and curating a meaningful exhibition.

Mrs. Kelly Saunders


Heidi Mazz  - Australia Southern Queensland Adventist Schools

We are using Exhibbit for our system of schools. I support 7 Christian schools each year. The denomination we are part of hold a convention with several thousand people each year.

As part of our Education Booth in the Expo Hall, we used to display student work. However the booth is very small, and the logistics have meant that we have not been able to display all the students work for a number of years.

Last year we trialled an Exhibbit gallery, with all 7 schools contributing to the art work displayed.
It was very successful, so we will be doing it again this year.

We are very pleased with the way that Exhibbit displays student work and the professional appearance.

Kathryn Catterick - Fine Art Student

I am a Fine Art student in my 3rd year doing a long distance program through a University in Western Australia. For that unit we had to put together a body of work with a number of final outcomes and present them in a professional way.

Your program was simple to navigate and I just included the link in my final presentation (a power point) which my tutor could then access.
He must have been pleased because I did well ☺. I have another 4 final units coming up (painting) and will no doubt use Exhibbit again for them.

Kind regards Kathryn.