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  1. Images need to be sharply focused, evenly-lit,
    hi-resolution photographs, saved in un-compressed .jpg format.
  2. Make sure your camera is at 90 degrees to the artwork.
  3. Position the lights on either side of the artwork at 45 degree angles.
  4. Use Photoshop, or another utility, to crop the background out.
  5. To produce the best quality for detailed inspection, your images should be at least 2048 pixels in their longest dimension.
  6. Make sure to save images at maximum quality. Do not compress.
preparing artwork for the gallery


  1. Selecting an exhibition to edit will open the UPLOAD + PREVIEW page.
  2. Select the 'Choose image file' button to access your computer.
  3. Select an image to upload and enter a size for either the height or length of the artwork. The system will work out the other dimension for you.
  4. Then select 'Upload file'.
  5. Your image will appear on the ARTWORK palette ready  to drag into position on a gallery wall.


  1. Place you cursor over the thumbnail image on the Artwork palette, click down and drag the image onto the wall.
  2. Select - Pin Artwork to Eyeline - to centre the artwork at an average person's height.
  3. Un-selecting - Pin artwork to eyeline - enables placement of artworks anywhere on the wall, as in the 'salon style' hang.
  4. Grid enables accurate positioning of artworks on the gallery walls.


This tutorial gives an overview of the  various sections in the Artwork Edit window

  1. Click on an artwork image to open up the 'Edit Artwork' window. Artworks can also be deleted here.
  2. Click on 'Edit' to open the details for this Artwork. Frames and mattes are added. here 
  3. Many of the tools have contextual help and the main sections have their own tutorials.
  4. When you have finished making changes click SAVE.



  1. Click on an artwork thumbnail image. Then select the Edit Artwork icon to open the 'Artwork Details' page.
  2. Scroll down to CANVAS SHAPE - CANVAS DEPTH and select 'Circular Canvas' for circular and oval shapes or 'Rectangular Canvas' for square and oblong images.
  3. A square aspect ratio will produce a circular canvas, whilst a rectangular aspect ratio will produce an oval canvas.
  4. Under CANVAS DEPTH select either Paper Thin, 25mm or 50mm.
  5. The sides of an unframed canvas can be coloured using the dropdown colour selector. 
  6. SAVE your changes and Preview the exhibition to see the result.
Canvas shape and depth panel


We provide two frame styles, a modern square frame and a classic profile. Both styles can be added to either a rectangular or circular artwork. Mattes can be added to either style and both frames and mattes can be tinted any colour.

  1. Click on an artwork image to open the 'Edit Artwork' window.
  2. Scroll down to the FRAMES + MATTES section.
  3. Add a width for the frame and choose a colour for it.
  4. To add a matte enter a width and choose a colour to tint it with.
  5. Choose a frame profile, either Classic or Square.
  6. For unframed artworks the canvas sides can be tinted to replace the canvas white.
  7. When you are happy, click 'Save' and Preview the result.


Frames profile selection and and mattes


If the canvas size does not reflect the accurate dimensions of the artwork, you  may  enter the correct size into the ALTER SIZE label.

  1. Click on an artwork image to open the 'Edit Artwork' window.
  2. Scroll down to ARTWORK INFORMATION and the Alter size label.
  3. Enter the correct size. This will be displayed as the new size, without changing the actual size of the artwork on the wall.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Review your changes by previewing the exhibition.


Alter display dimensions panel


Buttons can be displayed on the wall next to an artwork along with the information text.

Information button

Selecting the 'i' button will display all the other buttons

Row of wall buttons

There are seven operational buttons in total. Four of them are accessed from the  Artwork  Edit page and three from the Publish + Promote page.

  1. All seven buttons are enabled by selecting 'Show text and buttons on walls'
    This is located in the UPLOAD + PREVIEW page under GALLERY PREFERENCES section.
  2. Four buttons are accessed in the Artwork Edit page under the MARKETING + SALES + SOCIAL MEDIA section.
Social and website link

The link to your website or social media 

Media button

The link to Media, video, audio.

E-commerce button

Enter the URL to the ecommerce page for this artwork.

Inquire button

This is a link to  the INQUIRY  form.   Place the contact  email  for this artwork in the field if it is different from the main account holders email.

Enabling wall buttons and text
Wall button links entry panel


Add a 3rd party e-commerce page to each of your artworks. 

  1. Click on an artwork thumbnail image to open the 'Edit Artwork' window.
  2. Scroll down to ARTWORK INFORMATION
  3. Choose the currency and enter the price for this work in the field provided.
  4. Select 'Sold' to display a red dot for sold artworks.
  5. Enter the URL of the E-Commerce page you have setup for this artwork in the slot provided bottom-right
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. The Inquire, Buy and Promote buttons can only be displayed in a published exhibition.
E-commerce artwork section
E-commerce link entry


All uploaded artworks are stored  in your Stockroom. Bulk uploading can be done using a CSV  file  to import multiple images, along with pricing and  details. A tutorial is provided in the Gallery Manager.

Manage all of your  artworks in one place.

  1. Select Stockroom.
  2. Select the  'Add Artworks' button to upload bulk images  via a csv file.  Please follow the instructions for this process. 
  3. You can search  by Artist, Title, or for Recently added works. 
  4. Select the artwork thumbnail image to open the 'Edit Artwork' window   where you can add or change any  details about the work.
  5. Artworks in the Stockroom can be added to any exhibition during the editing stage.



The gallery walls, ceiling and fittings can now be tinted. Certain elements are grouped together.
All Walls, Individual Walls, Ceiling, Floor, Doors + Windows, Light Switches and Spotlights.

  1. .On the UPLOAD + PREVIEW page, under the GALLERY PREFERENCES section, select a group to tint.
  2. 'Adjust colour for all walls'
    'Adjust ceiling colour'
    'Adjust Floor colour'
    'Adjust Window + Doors'
    'Adjust Lights, switches and plugs'
    'Adjust Benches + Seats'

    This will open up the SET WALL COLOUR preview ready for you to adjust the tint.
  3. Individual wall colouring is accessed on the UPLOAD + PREVIEW page, under each wall section.
  4. Tinting walls individually overrides any tint applied via 'Adjust  colour for all walls'. This allows you to set the base colour for the gallery, then adjust individual walls to suit.


Gallery preference selection panel
Wall colouring and hanging options
Set wall colour panel


  1. Information and pricing is displayed on the wall next to an artwork by default but can be switched 'on' or 'off' on an individual basis.
  2. Alerts let you know if you have not allowed enough room for the text content to show between works.
  3. Preview the exhibition to see how the text looks and to make sure it is not hidden behind a neighbouring artwork or hanging off the edge of a wall.



When you want only a select group of people to be able enter your gallery, set a password to send along with your invite.

Create a unique password for each published exhibition .

  1. Select the PUBLISH + PROMOTE page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Tick to enable and add your  unique password.
  4. Publish the exhibition for  the password to take effect.


When you are ready to Publish go to the Publish + Promote page. Publish an exhibition only when you are completely satisfied.

It only takes a few minutes to process the first time, but when re-publishing bear in mind it can take up to two hours for the global cache to clear and update your online content. Once publishing is complete you will be emailed with the published link for embedding in your website. This link is also located in the Gallery Manager under MY ACCOUNT / HTML Embed.

  1. Use Preview to view your edits and Publish an exhibition only when you are completely satisfied.
  2. Republishing can take up to two hours due to the global cache we employ to speed up the delivery of your exhibitions..
  3. Once complete you will be emailed with the gallery's unique link for embedding in your website.


This feature allows you to change the duration of any gallery subscription.

  1. Log in and access the Account page.
  2. Find the gallery subscription and select the DURATION button.
  3. Follow the instructions to select the new duration term you would like.
  4. The gallery subscription fee will be automatically prorated to reflect the change.



Rename your galleries here.

  1. Open up the Exhibition Manager page
  2. Select the 'pen' icon on the right of the gallery image and name.
  3. Click in the text entry field and type your unique name.
  4. The default gallery name will still show in brackets, on the Accounts page.
Gallery edit panel


Embed   a gallery in  your website and  manage exhibitions from the Gallery Manager.

  1. When you first publish an exhibition in your gallery you'll receive an email (shown right) containing two links.
  2. The 1st link enables the gallery to be displayed on an independent webpage, should you wish to share it without embedding. (see 4)
  3. The 2nd link is  used to embed the gallery in a web page.
  4. When selected, the 1st link will open the gallery  in its own webpage.
Embedding a gallery in a website


Multi-Gallery access enables easy entry to any current exhibitions in your other galleries, all from one place. This feature is especially useful when a large exhibition is to be showcased across several galleries.

  1. Select the Pen icon on the right side of the Gallery bar to open the Multi-gallery and gallery naming panel.
  2. Make a selection and Save. When you next preview the exhibition, a new menu button called ‘CURRENT EXHIBITIONS’ will have appeared.
  3. This will open a directory page where visitors can view the other galleries  that  have been selected for multi gallery access.
Multi-gallery access panel
Multi-Gallery connecting


The Group Management feature enables the administration of an unlimited number of galleries.
You can assign galleries in this account to other users and manage their exhibitions.

Currently this feature is used by Art Schools and Universities where the account is administered by the organisation on behalf of the users. The Group Management feature can be added to your subscription for $35 per month. Full instructions are provided under your account page.


If you decide that you need a bigger or smaller gallery space  its easy to swap it for another gallery.

  1. Log in and access the Account page. 
  2. Find the gallery subscription  and select the SWAP button.
  3. Follow the instructions to select your new gallery.
  4. The gallery subscription fee  will be automatically prorated to reflect the change.



This feature counts  likes or votes for every artwork in an exhibition.

  1. Open the PUBLISH + PROMOTE page.
  2. Scroll down to the Promote section and enable either Like or Vote.
  3. Publish the exhibition for the Like or Vote feature to take effect.
  4. Collated numbers for Like or Vote will accumulate and be displayed next to the wall button.  Totals to date can   also be found in the exhibition analytics.


Once you have published an exhibition and received the link by email, it is ready to Promote.

Access the Publish & Promote section and use the Promote button to send the exhibition link and a view from the show to you social media platforms and up to 100 email addresses

  1. Once the exhibition has been published open the PUBLISH + PROMOTE page.
  2. Scroll down to the Promote section and Click 'PROMOTE EXHIBITION. This opens the exhibition for you to compose a view.
  3. Compose a view, then click the 'SELECT VIEW' button to record the view.
    This opens a choice of channels to post on.
Promote your gallery section


Media such as a YouTube or Vimeo video, audio  content can be link to from individual artworks.

  1. The MEDIA link entry field is accessed in an Artwork Edit window under the MARKETING + SALES + SOCIAL MEDIA section.
  2. This button will be accessible from an artwork drop down panel and on the wall if  display is enabled.
  3. When  selected the media will open another tab of the browser. 
Media link for showing button on the wall


Analytics are available for each exhibition showing the numbers of visitors and country.

  1. Each exhibition has its own analytics which are  accessed via the Analytics button pictured.
    It takes a couple of days for the chart to start populating with the data as it arrives from Google.
  2. If you have either LIKE or VOTE enabled for an exhibition the collated numbers will be reported here.
analytics button
Exhibition analytics button
analytics chart


Enable visitors to share an image of their favourite artwork along with a link to the exhibition.

  1. Enabling this feature adds the Share icon to all artwork dropdown panels.
  2. The Share icon will also display on the  gallery walls if button display is switched on.


Promote share section panel


Replace the Exhibbit branding with your own.

The 1000 X 500 is for display during the initial loading of the gallery.
The second 1000 X 1000 square shaped logo, is placed directly above the gallery menu.

 Create two  versions of your logo.

  1. One at 1000 X 500 pixels  and another at 1000 X 1000 pixels, jpg or png   at 72 ppi.
  2. Log in and access the Account page. 
  3. Select the Branding tab.
  4. Subscribe and follow the instructions for uploading your two logos.