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The quick and professional software for curating + sharing exhibitions

Virtual art gallery software to showcase, promote and sell art online

Curate your 3D art gallery with beautiful lighting, realistic staging and a seamless viewing experience on desktop and mobile

Showcase your art in a 3D Gallery

  • Engage viewers with an interactive and immersive experience

  • Delight collectors with your uniquely coloured gallery

  • Fast to curate and publish

  • Place artworks exactly where you want them

  • Brand the gallery with your own company logo

  • Promote via email and social media

  • Seamlessly view on desktop, tablet and mobile

Bespoke Custom made galleries

For the ultimate exhibition space the Exhibbit team can duplicate your real-world gallery in the online world, ready to integrate within your website.

The Right to Breathe Undercurrent gallery NYC New York
The Right to Breathe Undercurrent gallery NYC New York

Duplicate your real-world gallery online

Working from floor plans and photos we will create a beautiful and realistic replica of your art space.

Simple to curate and share designs, it will become a valuable tool in your exhibition design process.

Visitors can enjoy your gallery’s own unique style and ambience, whilst exploring it’s exhibitions.

professional tools to create your virtual exhibition

Visitors can explore exhibitions and compare artworks at their actual size, from any distance or angle whilst moving freely around the 3D gallery.


Realistic Galleries

Use our pre-made galleries with custom options or ask us to recreate your bricks & mortar gallery online, presented in your website with your own branding.
Easy Tools

Easy Tools

Choose where to hang your artworks, design the experience and then promote and manage it via desktop, tablet & mobile. No apps needed.
Embed & Connect

Embed & Connect

Embed your virtual art gallery on your website to increase visibility and visits. Promote it via social media and link it to your online store.
Simple to Manage

Simple to Manage

One account - many options. Our online exhibition platform lets you subscribe to unlimited galleries and make them available to other users in your group.

Our clients say

Beautiful gallery spaces designed to elegantly recreate the art exhibition experience.

Explore our Virtual Art Exhibitions

Museums, dealer galleries, art foundations, universities, schools and not-for-profit organisations. They’ve all used our online exhibition platform to present their collections.

Some have curated shows in our pre-made galleries while others engaged us to build a custom-created exhibition space to replicate their real-world gallery.

Exhibitions are updated frequently and have been selected to show the diversity of subject matter and curation styles our clients have chosen.

“Only with Exhibbit can you have a seamless exhibition experience”

Accurate and Immersive

Accurate and Immersive

Superb image quality and subtle lighting mean your visitors will encounter the art in a naturalistic way. We set the stage - you curate the show and control the experience.
Support when you need it

Support when you need it

Our online exhibition platform makes staging an exhibition easy and intuitive. We’re here to answer questions if you need help, and all our gallery updates are free.
Virtual and versatile

Virtual and versatile

Assign galleries to other people using ‘Group Management’. Rent for a single month or subscribe for longer, to swap galleries and more. You’re always in control.

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