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What is Exhibbit?

With Exhibbit you have complete control over a range of highly customisable exhibition spaces - easily embedded in your website or shared by invitation.

With an Exhibbit gallery, you can customise and add your own style of curation using our flexible tools.

Before you get started, view our curated selection of exhibitions made using Exhibbit.

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For You

  • Subscriptions that allow you and your team to be flexible, with the ability to swap your gallery, or cancel at anytime.

  • Add your own branding and track your numbers with analytics.

  • Promotional tools that heighten audience engagement and give you valuable feedback.

  • Up to five live exhibitions per Gallery Subscription, with an unlimited exhibition archive.

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For Your Audience

  • A space that is conscious of light and depth.

  • Simple and intuitive navigation controls, allowing for seamless movement throughout the gallery.

  • An immersive, interactive experience for your audience to explore with intention.

  • A place to discover, enjoy and purchase art anywhere, any time.

Explore our thoughtfully designed exhibition spaces, catering to artworks of all shapes and sizes.

We value even the smallest creations, providing them a platform that embraces their significance. Choose from our Solo, Marble and Atrium Galleries for spaces that work perfectly for a solo show, and a cost friendly option.

Our Long and Two Rooms Galleries have impressive heights exceeding 16 feet, exclusively reserved for presenting larger works and group shows.

What Our Clients Say

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Curating your First Virtual Exhibition

Our tools make it simple to upload, add content, curate, publish, and promote your exhibition - all within minutes.

Style the gallery by colouring any wall or surface, add wall text and graphics to design your own unique curation.

Want to know how to curate, publish and promote your gallery?

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Curating Multisensory Exhibitions

Add Moving Image, Audio, Fonts and Graphic Design to create a dynamic, interactive, and unique sensory experience.