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Custom Galleries

Recreate your real art gallery in the virtual world

Custom made to your galleries specifications every physical detail is carefully reproduced to match the ‘real’ version.

Realistic reproduction

Our unique custom technology means your virtual recreation will embody the same atmosphere and nuances that make your own gallery space so unique. Visitors can continue to experience exhibitions in your gallery environment, but online where it is always accessible.

Multiple ways to view

Publish online instantly to all mobile and desktop devices. Collaboratively plan exhibitions with your artists by privately sharing the 3D Gallery space during the design phase.

Always accessible

Reach an unlimited, but selective, audience through public and private publishing. Publish instantly across web and mobile. Host bespoke invitation-only events for your global collectors. and receive enquiries directly within the platform.

Why choose a custom gallery

Our custom galleries are detailed replications of your real life gallery so visitors can move around your virtual gallery and experience the emotional power of your curated exhibitions, online.

A recreation of your gallery streamlines the exhibition design process, enabling you to collaboratively plan exhibitions with your artists, quickly and accurately.

When the virtual design has been finalised, grid measurements can be used to accurately position works in your real gallery.

Your virtual gallery can be used multiple times and once it is embedded in your website, opening nights can be synchronised with your real events, giving the exhibition experience to those who can’t attend in person.

How it works

We’ll work with you through the whole process of creating your custom made gallery and will continue to provide support and free updates after your virtual gallery is live.


Get in touch and tell us about your requirements and what you want to achieve. We’ll work with you to create the best virtual gallery for showcasing your exhibitions realistically.


Send us accurately dimensioned plans and some high-quality photographs showing all of the hanging walls and areas you want to be included in the gallery model. Include photos of exterior views and detail shots of any important features


Using your plans and photos, we’ll reproduce your physical gallery in the virtual world, paying particular attention to the small details, carefully matching the lighting and ambience of your gallery.

What our clients are saying

The virtual gallery has had over 1,500 visitors, going digital really increased the audience!

We had such an incredible turn out, more than we could have hoped for and many times more than the brick and mortar ever receives. I just discovered that you even have an analytics button, and I saved those numbers for our grant material.

Elizabeth Ashe - CAH ‘I’ Street Gallery Washington DC

Get in touch

Message us with any questions via our form, for a no obligation discussion about your requirements.

Send us the following information via email and we will provide an estimate for replicating your gallery.

  1. Accurately dimensioned plans, with a compass direction showing due north.
  2. High-quality photographs showing all of the hanging walls and areas you want to be included.
  3. Include photos of exterior views and detail shots of any important features in the gallery.
  4. Label each photograph with the position it was taken from and the direction it is looking.