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Managing Five Exhibition Spaces with Ease

Amanda Lane - Co-founder of Exhibbit
Access five exhibitions from the Menu

Five Current Exhibitions

This could make a substantial difference to your exhibition schedule.
Up to five exhibitions can be available for viewing at once within a single gallery subscription. Your Featured exhibition will be the first to load and up to four more shows can be accessed via the MORE EXHIBITIONS button on the gallery menu.

For a minimal cost and time outlay this is an opportunity to grow your exhibition schedule and market to your online audience. Research has proven that people stay longer in a virtual gallery than they do scrolling a webpage.

Because of the third dimension this is an exhibition experience, which involves visitors as they move around the gallery. They are able to view without any pressure and this leads to deepened engagement. When they are thinking about the exhibition they have visited, or discussing it with friends; revisiting is immediately accessible anywhere, anytime on a phone.

For larger or group shows, spread the exhibition across five spaces or, alternatively, hold five individual exhibitions. For artists with a larger archive, show one featured and four past exhibitions. 

Guide to set up Five Exhibitions

Changing the status of an exhibition is done on the GALLERIES+EXHIBITIONS page by selecting the drop down to the right of each exhibition. Select ‘Featured’ for the exhibition you wish to open in the gallery initially. Select ‘Current’ or ‘Past’ for up to four other exhibitions.

Set up five exhibitions