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Harness the power of an exhibition, online

Art exhibitions possess the power to captivate, convey, contextualise and engage


An immersive self directed experience

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Curate multi-media interactive exhibitions

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Versatile, Customisable and easily accessed


Cost effective and always open

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For You

Complete control over a range of highly customisable exhibition spaces - easily embedded in your website or shared by invitation

Customise your gallery and add your own style of curation using our flexible tools

Add your own branding and track your promotions with analytics

Use our promotional tools to heighten audience engagement and give you valuable feedback

Stream video and audio into the gallery as artworks or in a supporting role

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For Your Audience

A space that is conscious of light and depth

Simple and intuitive navigation controls allow for seamless movement throughout the gallery

An immersive, interactive experience for your online audience to explore and be led through the narrative of your show with intention

Your virtual gallery is a place where your audience can discover, enjoy and purchase art

Choose your Gallery

Explore our thoughtfully designed exhibition spaces, catering to artworks of all shapes and sizes. We value even the smallest creations, providing them a platform that embraces their significance.

Additionally, we have constructed two dedicated spaces with impressive heights exceeding 16 feet, exclusively reserved for presenting larger works.

In the realm of virtual art galleries, geographical barriers dissolve, allowing you to engage with and captivate a wide online audience.

These galleries actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and ecological impact associated with the art industry.

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Getting Started

Galleries & Exhibitions page

Mounting your first exhibition

Our tools make it simple to upload and add content, design and curate exhibitions, publish and promote them

Style the gallery by colouring any wall or surface, add wall text and graphics to design your own unique curation

Read how to curate, publish and promote your gallery

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Curating Multisensory Exhibitions

Add Moving Image - Audio - Fonts and Graphic Design to create a dynamic, interactive, and unique sensory experience