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Enrich the exhibition experience by providing new avenues for engagement and contextualisation of the artworks



Add a new dynamic to your exhibitions

Moving image artworks can greatly enhance an exhibition by bringing a dynamic and immersive element to the overall experience

Video as an Artwork

Framed or projected directly onto the gallery walls at any size, a moving image artwork makes compelling viewing for your visitors.

Informative Video

Position a curators talk, studio visit or documentary as a video next to your text abstract.

Play triggers

Audio can be triggered in three different ways:

  • On entry
  • On selection by the visitor
  • By proximity

Audio Studio

Add the sense of sound

Now you can add sound to your exhibitions, be it ambient or musical, narrative or special effects, it will add a depth that only audio can do.

Audio image

Ambient sound plays when viewers arrive in your gallery.

This can be added as an ambient sound or music track that plays on entry and can be looped.

Audio content can be streamed from Soundcloud, Youtube and Vimeo. It must be either royalty free, licensed, or you have ownership and or play rights.

Audio headphones

Audio attached to Artworks

Attaching an audio track to an artwork gives you the ability to add an artist or curators dialogue regarding the work, a sound effect or musical piece to support/accompany the artwork.
Audio can be triggered in three different ways:

  • On entry
  • On selection by the visitor
  • By proximity

TIP: Proximity could be used to create a narrated tour with audio sequences attached to individual works.


Tell the exhibition story

Using a selection of font styles, titles and paragraph text can be placed anywhere on the walls, at any size. By using shine, outline and drop shadow you can create many different looks.


Adding a drop shadow gives your text a three dimensional quality, with controls like depth, offset, angle and blur to help you get exactly the look you’re after.


Our new Text tool lets you add a subtle highlight or shine to the letters, creating a metallic reflection that sweeps across the face of the text. This is great for adding some subtle movement as viewers move through your virtual room.


Outline is another option that can make your words stand out on the wall. There are many different looks you can achieve with a choice of four different outline thicknesses and the ability to select any colour.


Exhibbit makes it possible to add a range of graphic elements to your gallery walls.
As a result, you can experiment with all kinds of design styles to support your exhibition and brand your gallery.

Graphics Titling

Graphics with Transparency

A png, uploaded as a Graphic, will show its transparency when exhibited on the gallery wall allowing the wall colour to show through the transparent areas. The blue shape on the gallery wall is a png file.

Special Titles

If you want to use a particular font for the exhibition title or gallery name, and it’s not available in within the Exhibbit Font Studio, then uploading your text as a transparent png Graphic is the way to go.

Four graphics are layered to achieve the result to the right for 17 Reasons why.

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