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Graphic Decals

Peter Worrall CEO Exhibbit
Works from Paul Radford's exhibition 'Goddesses'

Tips to help you add cool graphic elements to your gallery walls. 

Exhibbit makes it possible to add a range of graphic elements to your gallery walls. As a result, you can experiment with all kinds of subtle (or not so subtle) graphics to support your exhibition, promote the artist and brand your gallery.

Here’s an overview to help you make the most of our Graphic Decals feature.


You will need an image containing transparency, saved in the png file format. The program will detect if the file has transparency and remove the artwork tools, presenting you with just the size control. If your png image has transparency the gallery wall will show through in these areas.

Image Resources

There is an enormous variety of source imagery online that you can use ‘as is’ or with some additional input from paint program compositing and effects. Just search for ‘decal imagery with transparency.’ 

You might also find a design or image you like, that doesn’t come with transparency. In that case, you can add transparency using a mask in a paint program. There is lots of tutorial support for creating masks available online. Here is an Affinity Photo - Mask Tutorial

Use Exhibbit as a digital concept  tool

One of the great things about computers is the way they let you easily create and implement multiple concepts in a short time. You can use Exhibbit as a digital concept tool to try out different hangs and design ideas very quickly.

This can be useful if you are planning to simultaneously stage your exhibition in a physical gallery as well as your virtual gallery space. With Graphic Decals in Exhibbit, you can easily visualise designs for the show before you spend more time and money. Think of it as a tool to refine your design and share different concepts with interested parties, in order to get feedback and approval.

Special title or artist’s signature

If you want to use a particular font for the exhibition title or gallery name, and it’s not available in Exhibbit, then Graphic Decals are the way to go. An artist’s signature or other graphics that support your presentation can now be added as .pngs.

Exhibition by Paul Radford

The graphic decals in the image above have been created from the artwork on paper by photographing it, then uploading to a program like photoshop, where you can mask the text and remove the background. If you would like to try this yourself, we’ve made a step by step guide here.

Web pages in 3D

We’ve designed Exhibbit to be realistic (like a bricks & mortar gallery) but easy to manipulate (like a 2D webpage). So each wall can be treated like a page of a website where you can place images, along with supportive text and graphics.

Of course, in this case it’s a realistic-looking gallery wall, and a 3D space that viewers can move around in!